North Texas Psy event?

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    I was thinking about trying to gather up a bunch of friends for a new years party, and then I had the crazy idea of having a psy event. I don't exactly have a location yet, but I just thought I'd ask you guys if there would be anyone willing to come down and DJ for me. I don't have any real audio gear, although I think I have a friend I can borrow some from, but if anyone can bring anything it'd be appreciated. Neither do I have any kind of decorations.

    Anyhow, this would be somewhere south of Forth Worth in the countryside, and hopefully WAY in the countryside, with at least 20 miles between us and the next living person.

    My current idea involved just getting a bunch of my friends together and using my home stereo to power the music. Since I can't DJ, I figured I'd play a bunch of Chilluminati mixes, and a strange (because I like doing strange things) mix of metal, space rock, progressive rock, and whatever else Psy Trance I can dredge up (right now it's limited to Astral Projection and Infected Mushroom).

    If anyone thinks they'd like to come, just let me know. If I get enough responses I may go ahead and look for a place to hold this thing. Thanks for looking, everyone!

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      aye. you have good talant in (close to) your area. drop an email to these folk see if there is anything going on and let them know about your idea.
      dragon at  and forcemajeure at
      initstring at


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        I would love to see dragon play.  I've heard plenty of his sets online, and they all grab my attention and hold me till the end.

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        Thanks for the recommendations. I've never really had a gathering of this size before, who would I talk to in order to help me work out what I need to have lined up for this, should it become a reality?

        I looked on the 'family' page, but nearly everyone there has “event management” listed as part of their responsibilities. Is there one person in particular to ask, do I ask everyone, or will anyone do? 🙂 heh.

        Thanks again.

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        MonkeyFixer  ;D

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          Dragon would be a good show to invite for one of our events. he will get you goan…. 🙂 ;D

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          Dragon would be a good show to invite for one of our events. he will get you goan…. 🙂 ;D

          Indeed he will, great guy too!

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          Well, I got in touch with some people and we are discussing logistics now.

          If anything comes of this I'll let everyone here know, just in case somebody wants to drive 1000+ miles for a little event. 😛

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          The strongest psy outfit in Texas is
          You should also contact the boys in Arkansas

          Check out other regional links here:

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