new Underfoot mix "Forty4DaShorteez"

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      Audiognomes' 40th mix is a worldwide showcasing of daytime sounds, starting with smooth progressive and evolving through full-on and goa.

      Download here.

      1. Xibalba “Your Voice” (Blackout Remix) ['Between The Lines' – Groove Control]
      2. Decoy “Playing 4 Time” ['Not Responding To Light' – Dance N Dust]
      3. SBK “Miles & More” ['Rainbow Serpent Festival 2005' – Green Ant]
      4. Freq vs B.Hartless “Even Odd” (Antix rmx) ['Joyride' – Candyflip]
      5. Neelix “Follow” ['No Way To Leave” – Sinn-Tec]
      6. Nexus Crawler “Vapour Trail” ['Future Shock' – Psypneumatix]
      7. Smuhg “Ishtar” ['Shamanic State' – AP]
      8. Astral Projection “Open Society” ['Back To Galaxy' – Com.Pact]
      9. Bliss “Final Cut” ['Ultimate Energy' – Materia]
      10. Deedrah “Another French Man In Capetown” ['The French Connection' – Mind Control]
      11. Barak “Still A Long Way Ahead” ['Hadracadabra II' – Hadra]
      12. Hyper Frequencies “Rhythms of Peace” ['Pump Fiction' – Yage]
      13. Mindelight “Infected Cat” ['Light The Mind' – Phonokol]
      14. Filteria “Rotate To Vibrate” ['Heliopolis' – Suntrip]

      *pours out a 40* I do this…for da shorteez, ya'll.

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        I just wanna say that this cd never leaves my car.  It's a great cd to wake up to, thanx Paul.

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          You're welcome, PsiloPsyBen, and thanks!  I get plenty of mileage out of your mixes as well 🙂

          The next time you wanna do another Gnome Vs. Gnome, lemme know.  Those are fun, and only require half the effort of a regular mix!

          We had a momentary technical problem, server side, but everything's swell now.

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          I'm downloading this mix now, Paul. I will listen to it @ work on my headphones. ;D

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