New d.N.x. Mix up!

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    I been rocking out to it all day too 🙂

    Really like it, always loved Dan because he doesn't color within the lines.
    Underfoot did some great Graphix for the cover too.

    lick the circuitboard – Another full on dose of energetic psytrance by d.N.x, the darker side of dan efex when it comes to driving energetic psychedelic basslines laced with twisted controlled analog mayhem spewing over layers of lush synthlines and craniumknocking percussive beats that show no mercy for the weak. This one starts right off by audibly showing you what happens when you lick the circuitboard, and then pounds the aftermath in your head for the next 80 minutes of your life thereafter.

    1) wizak twizak – soilders of the dark
    2) penta – noise complaint
    3) manga – elektra
    4) gataka & gilix – take it easy
    5) voice of cod – the unknown
    6) voice of cod – bubbles of nothing
    7) vibe tribe – spun
    8) e-jekt – multi people
    9) program files – hypersonic remix
    10) Melicia – dancing up (dna remix)
    11) dna – subatomic
    12) mindelight – el guacaloso
    13) sesto sento – spakn to thor
    14) dynamic – protochips
    15) audio tech – catch me
    16) mungusid – Escape

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    and how did you come into possesion of this mix???  ;D

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    danke Mr. J!

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      Dan was given full reign over what he could do with the art produced.  Looks like he played around with it quite a bit…which is fine.

      Here's the original sleeve design, for the sake of show-and-tell.  Probably a bit too “glam” for D.N.x.'s purposes.


      Great fucking mix, that's for sure!

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      You are right, Paul. Great mix! & The covers aren't that bad either  ;D

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