Need to know Thursday May 25 arrivals

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    I need to put together a list for the venue of who is expecting to arrive thursday so the venue knows who to let in and who not.

    I need to know:
    who is coming with who,
    # vehicles,
    and what time roughly you expect to arrive.


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      Igor bringing Christian and Serena. one car + trailer. Time: Midnight
      Finding out from Chris (Log2) how many people and arrival

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        I was just wondering what time people are planning on setting up.

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        There will be people setting up from 1 PM onward on Thursday, but as my other posts say, unless I have you listed as a Thursday arrival you won't be allowed on the venue until Friday.

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        Jeff & Nick around midnight, 1 vehicle. plan to be rested and help whomenver needs it with setup!

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        Alison + Mandy, Bryan, Josh.

        3 cars.

        Be there between 1 and 5 pm.

        It all depends on a certain persons work related timing.

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