near salem, mo / AMAF: UNITY! / Zoe Campground / 6.29.06 – 7.05.06 *CORRECTION

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      ((thursday june 29th thru wednesday, july 5th))

      tickets and info avail.
      regular price @ door is $40
      use passcode “ALEX-KIDD” online for $30 tix!!! 330 acres of campgrounds
      2 galleries of visual art
      2 fully covered 20k concert stages for nighttime festivities
      professional lighting on both stages
      daytime activities on 2 beautiful 100 acre grass fields

      Intelligent lighting design by:
      Michael Zinberg – New York City, New York

      Gallery Yume:

      I Love Techno!
      Thursday June 29th
      You thought you knew what Techno music was. We will show you our definition.
      <2 Hour Abelton Live 5.0 Set>
      Radioactive – Denver, Colorado

      <2 Hour DJ Set>
      Rees Urban – Chicago, Illinois

      <2 Hour DJ Set>
      Lost in Space – Manhattan, New York, USA

      <2 Hour DJ Set>
      Solaris – Kansas City, Missouri

      Hot Pink
      Friday June 30th
      Hot Pink is the culmination of the finest lady djs we could find.
      <2 Hour DJ Set>
      HeavyGrinder – Los Angeles, California

      <2 Hour DJ Set>
      Shawna – Wichita, Kansas

      <2 Hour DJ Set>
      Cquence – Kansas City, Missouri

      <2 Hour DJ Set>
      Kid Delicious – Saint Louis, Missouri

      <1 Hour DJ Set>
      Solange Deschatres – Saint Louis, Missouri

      The Frisky Sound System
      Saturday July 1st
      Some of the finest House producers in the country come together for a one night extravaganza!

      The Simply Soul Syndicate:
      David D & Joey C – Kansas City, Missouri

      Matthew Brian Kansas City, Missouri

      Alan Alda & Rob Divozzi Kansas City, Missouri

      The Cosmic Gate American Tour
      Sunday July 2nd
      The legendary Cosmic Gate tour is coming… below is the gate at Trance Energy, one of Europe's largest yearly gatherings…

      <2+ Hour DJ Tag Team Set>
      Cosmic Gate – Frankfurt, Germany, EU
      Hear their music on Cosmic Gate

      <1.5 Hour DJ Set>
      Hydroid – Tel Aviv, Israel

      <1.5 Hour DJ Set>
      Smurf – Saint Louis, Missouri

      <1.5 Hour DJ Set>
      Dijital Therapy – Memphis, Tennessee

      <1.5 Hour DJ Set>
      Alex Kidd – Saint Louis, Missouri

      <1.5 Hour DJ Set>
      Charles Rodriguez – Saint Louis, Missouri

      $Banging Bling$
      Monday July 3rd
      What is a festival without Hip-Hop? Keeping it real” will be hard in the woods, but we will do our best.
      <2+ Hour DJ Set>

      The Untouchable Dj Drastic – Brooklyn, New York, USA

      Tuesday July 4th
      <2 Hour DJ Set>
      Lost in Space – Manhattan, New York, USA

      <1.5 Hour DJ Set>
      Dijital Therapy – Memphis, Tennessee, USA

      <1.5 Hour DJ Set>
      Smurf – Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

      <1.5 Hour DJ Set>
      Just Jeff – Kansas City, Missouri, USA

      <1.5 Hour DJ Set>
      Solaris – Kansas City, Missouri, USA

      Tuesday July 5th


      More talent to be added.


      Medicinal Groove

      The MG Gallery

      J Break and Wutam Nu Tampa, FL
      “The time has come…”

      With the entire MG cast
      (in alphabetical order:)

      Alterity Tri-Cities, TN

      CB4 Orlando, FL

      Centrific Minneapolis, MN

      Chaos Dirty South, TX

      Chesnut Rabbit Kissimmee, FL

      Christian James Minneapolis, MN

      Deja Atlanta, GA

      Dijital Therapy Memphis, TN

      Dirty Memphis, TN

      DJ J-13 Lakeland, FL

      Dyami Tsunami Minneapolis, MN

      Elan Las Vegas, NV

      Gizmo Brandon, FL

      Gentry Fort Smith, AR

      Hi-C Memphis, TN

      Jack Trash Minneapolis, MN

      Jason K Atlanta, GA

      JB Fresno, CA

      JP Memphis, TN

      Jest Dallas, TX

      Justin Hand Memphis, TN

      Kid Collage Memphis, TN

      Kinz Sarasota, FL

      Kombustion North Port, FL

      MC Hyde Minneapolis, MN

      MC Anonamos Minneapolis, MN

      MC Arion Lee Minneapolis, MN

      Nodafunk Dallas, TX

      Organism Philadelphia, PA

      Oscar Molina Las Vegas, NV

      Persona Waco, TX

      Phenom Sarasota, FL

      Quad Control Minneapolis, MN

      Roger Palmerin San Francisco, CA

      Rigid Tampa, FL

      Sess Dallas, TX

      Shane Smith Chicago, IL

      Shifty Dallas, TX

      ShyTowne Chicago, IL

      Skinny Salt Lake City, UT

      Soulkid Seattle, WA

      Steven Nevets New York, NY

      Sytrix Atlanta, GA

      TeknoWizard ClearWater, FL

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      wheres the psy?

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        wheres the psy?

        hydroid (tel aviv, israel) and alex-kidd (stlmo) are playing sunday night. from what i've heard, hydroid has more of a progressive/goa sound. alex-kidd, however, spins nuskool fullon israeli psytrance!  😮

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        hhhmmm…I just might go to this.  I can do Secret Fire on Saturday the 1st, travel on to Mo to catch Sunday night then head home with a couple days to chill before work.  I decided that I just can't go to the cave that weekend even for Electric Skychurch.  Shame!

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          party poster:


          and flyer:


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            door price is now $40- not $50

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            Dern I should have taken Monday off and went to this.

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