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    BPI Quarterly Review – July 2005 : 11:7:2005

    > Download sales top ten million
    > British indie rock fans spark seven inch vinyl revival
    > UK music enjoys US renaissance
    > Second quarter round up; artist albums buck high street downturn
    > Download sales top ten million

    UK record industry trade association the BPI today announced that download sales in 2005 have passed the ten-million mark – almost twice the level for the whole of 2004.

    With the growth in legal downloads already outstripping the growth in illegal filesharing, this is more good news for an industry beginning to make headway against the unauthorised use of music on the internet. By comparison legal download sales for the whole of calendar 2004 were 5.7 million

    BPI Chairman Peter Jamieson said: “The record industry has enthusiastically embraced the new legal download services since their emergence in the mainstream little more than a year ago and now we’re beginning to reap the rewards.

    “The battle against illegal filesharing will continue, but we are delighted to have hit this milestone so soon.”

    Vinyl gains add gloss to the single’s 2005 revival

    Meanwhile 2005 looks set to be a bumper year for the seven inch vinyl, with quarterly sales up by 87.3% on last year.

    Vinyl is not the only format to have improved in 2005. Impressive gains in DVD single sales have, alongside downloads, more than compensated for the decline in the CD single. Overall there has been a 52.4% improvement in single sales (including downloads).

    April-June 2005 – Single Track Sales
    Digital Singles / Single Track Downloads

    2004 | 659,377
    2005 | 5,562,638
    % Change | 743.6%

    CD Singles

    2004 | 5,721,873
    2005 | 4,408,453
    % Change | -23.0%

    Seven Inch Vinyl

    2004 | 154,216
    2005 | 288,780
    % Change | 87.3%


    2004 | 710,745
    2005 | 780,204
    % Change | 9.8%

    Total Single Track Sales

    2004 | 7,246,211
    2005 | 11,040,075
    % Change | 52.4%

    Source: The Official UK Chart Company

    > British indie rock fans spark seven inch vinyl revival
    Annual sales of seven-inch vinyl singles now approach 1.4 million units, representing a massive 64% improvement year-on-year and the best 12 months for the format since 1998, according to data compiled by BPI

    With vinyl firmly back in fashion, the seven inch’s improving fortunes have been attributed to fans of British indie and rock acts.

    Best-selling seven inch single in the year to March 2005 was a limited edition reissue of Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast. Elsewhere the format is dominated by a new generation of UK rock acts including the Libertines, Babyshambles, Kaiser Chiefs and Franz Ferdinand.

    BPI Chairman Peter Jamieson said: “Despite the incredible growth in download sales, there is still a huge demand for the collectible physical formats. It would be wrong to write-off physical formats just yet. Record companies are committed to meeting consumer demand in whatever format people want their music ”

    The Vinyl Top 20; 12 months ending March 31 2005
    1 The Number Of The Beast – Iron Maiden (EMI Records)
    2 Killamangiro – Babyshambles (Rough Trade)
    3 Can’t Stand Me Now – The Libertines (Rough Trade)
    4 Oh My God – Kaiser Chiefs (B Unique)
    5 Matinee – Franz Ferdinand (Domino Recordings)
    6 Wonderful – Brian Wilson (Atlantic Records)
    7 An Honest Mistake – The Bravery (Polydor)
    8 What Became Of The Likely Lads – The Libertines (Rough Trade)
    9 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams – Green Day (Warner Bros)
    10 American Idiot – Green Day (Warner Bros)
    11 For Lovers – Wolfman ft Pete Doherty (Rough Trade)
    12 The Bottle – Paul Weller (V2 Music)
    13 Jolene: Live Under Blackpool Lights – White Stripes (XL Recordings)
    14 5 Colours In Her Hair – McFly (Universal Island)
    15 You’ll Come Round – Status Quo (UMTV)
    16 Hounds Of Love – Futureheads (Warner Bros)
    17 So Here We Are/Positive Tension – Bloc Party (Wichita Recordings)
    18 Black and White Town – Doves (EMI Records)
    19 Michael – Franz Ferdinand (Domino Recordings)
    20 Irish Blood, English Heart – Morrissey (Sanctuary)

    7 inch single sales, 12 months ending:

    March 31 1998 | 1,637,000

    March 31 1999 | 910,000

    March 31 2000 | 601,000

    March 31 2001 | 504,000

    March 31 2002 | 455,000

    March 31 2003 | 530,000

    March 31 2005 | 1,380,000

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    Hmmm, from the looks of this, labels like Cytopia have the right idea, It was bound to go that way eventually. It's so much cheaper to release music on harddrives  ::) As long as you can get lossless audio there isn't much difference. Hell they could even go as far as to mail you printed covers and cd labels are something.

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    Hell they could even go as far as to mail you printed covers and cd labels are something.

    Usually You can dowload .zip file with all the artwork.

    PS. I'm an oldschool vinyl whore …

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    PS. I'm an old whore …

    its good that you can finally feel comfortable enough to open up around us and admit it 😉

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    its good that you can finally feel comfortable enough to open up around us and admit it 😉


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    Don making a good funny!  love it!  ;D

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