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    I'm kinda dissapointed by the art being displayed …..

    Many friends showed up … nice music …

    And free beer 🙂

    And lolek on fire escape stairs.


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    was that all the art?

    not very impressive, where are the dean chamberlain's?

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    I took pictures of the most interesting stuff … it/s like 2/3 of he whole exibitions …but still worth going there and checkin it out 🙂

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    I was pretty happy just seeing Luke Brown's green one, think it was called Ayahusca (sp).  That was amazing. Thought there would be more too, but worth it just to see that.

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    I was kind of disappointed overall but with Alex Grey's paintings.  2 of the paintings didn't do anything for me and the third was ok.  When most artisits that really grab hold of me I first am exposed to their work via web first, then maybe a poster and then luckily enough I get to see them in person.  And when I see them in person I'm even more blown away by them.  But with Alex Grey's at this show just didn't move me much.  I would expect his earlier work to measure up in person though.  Luke Brown now that one hit the spot.  Best of show!   

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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