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      “Following KiloWatts' previous offering, Problem/Solving, a thematic musical mosaic of personal disorder and resolve, Routes presents a dynamic trip through myriad experiences, documents a year of traveling to new and untold places, and etches into stone the aural fragments of the moods that came with them. KiloWatts constructs lively and engaging compositions using torn breakbeats, psychedelic lock-grooves, warm keys, hypnotic downtempo rhythms, and revelatory musical progressions. All of these elements coexist in a seamless flow alongside fragments of overheard conversations and the subtle noises of subways, highways, and trains. Pushing forward into new sonic territory and defying genre labels, Routes also incorporates crispy beats, complex programming, and enough computer tweaks and glitches to satisfy any listener's lust for fresh new sounds. With technical wizardry and melodic sensibility, KiloWatts has taken the adventure, vagrancy, and trepidation of traveling and wrapped them up into a compelling album. Notably new, but unmistakably KiloWatts, the album takes us on a vibrant, energetic aural road-trip.”

      Routes is available through the Artificial Music Machine website, Amazon, iTunes, and many other outlets.
      Artwork by Blackmoth –

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      What about Your, Androcell's and Brill's jamming [email protected]?

      Troy will never share this recording …..  >:(

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        Your new tracks are kick-ass.  esp. “Subway.”  And you actually use the word “myriad” correctly!  Will pick this up next time I order through Amazon.

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          Thank ya  😀

          Psymbolic has previews of the tracks, and mp3s/flacs available on their site:

          and I shall continue to bug Troy for the F212 session!

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          and I shall continue to bug Troy for the F212 session!

          Sounds good  ;D

          Thanks!  ;D

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