i’ve managed to return

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      heehee.  i have been gone for awhile due to some stupid B.S. that i have encountered in life  anyways, aside from the actual “case” at hand and it not being resolved :-/ i am here again, and living alone, but hopefully my son will be living here too.  jeAH!  anyways, hell sucked balls, but i made it out 😉 at least the upper half o0f my body has come out.  so i'll be chillin here again.  but this damn wirelss keyboard seems to miss many key inputs.  bah humbug. 😉


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      good  ;D

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        good to see ya back, Dev!  ;D

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        welcome back pimp!  ;D

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          heehee! i'm working again for atk.com — things are starting to progress and i'm attempting to stabilize mom and mine relationship for the sake of our son. now that is hard to do!! but i guess it's going to take a long time.

          i see sabrina's taken a huge liken for psy/goa now. strangely, she hated most of it when we were together. now i find out it's her favorite, that's pretty cool. i think i wore a little bit on her.  😉 anyways, thinkin i'll be reacquiring a collection here soon after my debt's paid off. we'll see what happens. figured i'd pop in and say hello again weeeeee! i want to take malick to a camping event, but can't leave the state with him while our court thing is happening and i don't want to leave him with someone just so i can come to a  party ya dig?

          love, light and laughter,


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          aaron, welcome back to the forum.

          have you actually made it to a Chilluminati event yet?  🙂

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