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      …. folks are enjoying yourselves and have enjoyed yourselves this weekend. I hope everyone was safe. I was debating on heading down, but then I realized I was negative in the bank hahaha.  OOPS!  My lil' man is being held back from seeing me unfortunately because I refused her everyday demands. =[ I have not heard from him or anything for a week now and it's like a withdrawal phase I am going through with not seeing my lil' man.

      Just wanted to drop a line and say werd! I'm still lurking, in the shadows 😉 but with far more optimism than before.


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        we missed you dude. Next time you'll come out for sure, right!  ;D

        Hope things mellow out so you can see yer little man.  😉

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          yo robyo, i always miss you guys ;> but some day. i don't know now. i enrolled in school today for ITT Tech. I have the next four years of full time school, full time work, and full time (i hope) parenting. So 😉 I don't know what time I will have left for life. I need to repair myself during these next years in order to obtain some sort of degree to guide my son and myself on a wonderful and delightful forward track. heehee! i'm excited.

          BUT I had no idea school would be close to 39k a year :-/ baaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa.  BUT it's an investment, yes? :> Anyways, I'll keep lurking and maybe, just maybe, someday, i'll be with you all, dancing around the fires, breathing everyones smoke from their stale party cigarettes, laughing, enjoying the company of the entities on the other side of the wire I've been wanting to meet for so- long.  Until then though, I'll still be on the other side of the wire 🙂 but I've had a friend help me guide myself into the real world lately, to help me unearth myself from the ground and get onward in a fitting direction!@ jEAH! Hell, in a year, I plan on going after my pilots license, so maybe I'll just fly down and visit 🙂 the simple way hehehehe. rent a plane and have at it yaay!


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          You suck.

          You suck when You don't answer.

          You suck when You call [email protected]:30am.

          You suck.

          PS. Call me 🙂

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            I'll call you when I get time, but at the moment I do not have any spare time to make a 5 minute call. I am looking for work right now ;> but sometime later on when I remember your number since I keep forgetting to put it into my phone everytime you call me. ;>

            We'll talk soon, Damon. Or better yet, call me tonight after 10PM your time 😛


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