Hurricane Katrina Relief Party

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    Very Shortly after the 29th of aug, i started to gather images and information reguarding the destruction in the south.  I want to do some thing.  so my Wife and I decited that it would be a great idea to attempt to organize a(n) Musical Event to raise money and nonparishible food items to help in the releif efforts.  I did some research in my local community to see what i had to do to get it to work and have since realized that i cannot do this on my own.  So since this has come about i have decited to go all electronic in the music and express this idea to the electronic comunity.  even with the point in what i want to do the city i live in still wont do it for free.  as well as both employers that i have.  both have other things in motion in reguards to this.  I realize it is difficult to organize an event quickly.  So if we have learned from past Natural Disasters, there is still going to be a need for money and supplys well after the first wave of donations.  i may not personally beable to contribute much more than my music and time with making the event go properly.  my ideal location for this event would be some where between FonDu Lac (prolly didnt spell that right) and The Fox Cities Along the US 41 Streach though i will not be picky if this gets up and going. 

    So If Any one can help me Contribute to a good cause and Help take peoples minds of such a great tragity, Please reply here or e-mail me personally @ [email protected]

    Thank you for your consideration

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