Get Infected 3: Infected Mushroom [email protected] Chicago September 9th

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    We'll be there FOR SURE.  🙂

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    We'll be there FOR SURE.  🙂

    So … You are those “more”?

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    Early anouncement says:

    “Infected Mushroom with more”


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      Jesus.  AGAIN?

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      haha… i missed them the last time 'round, but still have a permanent brain burn-in from last january at sound bar.


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      They are residents apparently.

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      They are residents apparently.

      Nah …. they are selling out clubs and festivals. PURE brings usually only those artists that make money. I think we should ask Troy wtf is going on hehehehhee

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      Jesus.  AGAIN?

      That was my 1st reaction too  ;D

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      Jesus.  AGAIN?

      That was my 1st reaction too  ;D

      I 2nd that reaction. I have had enough Infected Mushroom P.A.'s for a while now. I wish they would get the damn CD out by now  8) so sick of waiting lol

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      Anouncement says:

      Infected Mushroom
      Dan Efex

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      (( Get RE: Infected @ Vision (Chicago) – Sept 9th ::


      PureVision, Psymbolic, and Chicago Vue present:
      the Get Infected tour ~ September 9th, 2006

      $10 before 11pm W/ RSVP –>

      Infected Mushroom (LIVE) – Coast II Coast – (Israel)
      Infected is back & it's about time they play a proper venue with a real
      stage. Infected Mushroom is an Israeli psychedelic trance duo which
      has attained significant popularity from the late 1990s to the present
      time (2006). Formed by Erez Aizen and Amit Duvdevani (also known
      as Duvdev) in the city of Haifa, located in the northern parts of Israel,
      the duo has garnered a large international fan-base. Infected
      Mushroom are known for their consistent sonic evolution exemplified
      by the subsequent albums The Gathering (1999), Classical Mushroom
      (2000), BP Empire (2001), Converting Vegetarians (2003), IM The
      Supervisor (2004), and Vicious Delicious . Today Infected tours the
      world and rocks the house everytime. Don’t miss this opportunity
      to see their Chicago appearance.

      Dan Efex – (Chicago, IL)
      Dan's been performing in the electronic dance music scene since 93.
      Seen all over the Midwest, Dan Efex is well known for his ability to
      draw a frenzied excitement out of even the mellowest of crowds.
      His unfailing ability to read the crowd & know precisely what to
      transition to ensures that he'll leave no stragglers behind on his
      musical excursions.

      PsymbolicLive Interactive Visual Environments
      This catalytic duo (Julee & Troy) create Live Interactive Visual
      Environments. Since 1999, they have become large-scale A/V
      event curators and they continue to push their means of expression
      through their video compositions and the realtime surrounding
      spectacles. Always providing a customized thematic projection /
      performance of synchronous moments of meaning and inspiration.

      Dmitry Lovebone
      Keith Lotta

      Time & Location:
      Saturday, September 9th
      10 PM – 4 AM
      632 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL 60610
      21+ ID REQUIRED

      $20 General Admission
      $10 before 11pm W/ RSVP


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      Jesus.  AGAIN?

      somebody please go to this party and make sure neither of them leaves with their vocal cords intact!

      take one for the scene… 😛

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