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      Threads carrying any implication of drug use are forbidden on this public forum. 

      Talking about using legal substances in tandem with illegal substances is still talking about illegal substances.  You can have legality debates (see Mexico thread), but we can't have any talk of personal experiences using drugs, or even imply it.

      Such threads are potentially damaging to our community, and will be deleted without warning.  Please be conscientious.

      Questions / Concerns / Comments concerning board protocol?
      PM The Fixer, Derby or Underfoot

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      Psychedelic in itself only means mind-transformative, and I think the thread on alcohol was by itself about whether a legal material can have psychedelic effects. For example floatation tanks are psychedelic and completely legal.

      The discussion of absinthe could have been in the context of imbibing it in Europe, where it is in fact legally manufactured.

      I think deleting the whole thread was an extreme reaction. Please just delete individual posts in the future and only after seriously considering the possibility that legal things were being discussed.

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        The topic deleted was about using alcohol to increase the effects of psychedelics, and was moving into testimonials of personal use.  I think that falls into the category of off-limits.

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        A couple of posts were like that, but I read the thread more as about whether you would consider alcohol itself to be psychedelic in effect. I would have only deleted one or two posts. A warning would have worked too.

        Anything can be psychedelic: light/sound machines, meditation, yoga, drawing pictures of naked girls having sex with tentacled aliens. I think we need to keep that in mind.

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          This forum doesn't have many restrictions.  But we impose a clear rule that the topic of personal illegal drug use be avoided, or at least drastically underplayed.  There is the reality of the psychedelic community, and then there's the reality as we publically present it under the laws of this country.  They can't be the same.

          I am not against the people of this community or their private practices, but I am for upholding the laws and avoiding legal action.

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          There are other forums that are more appropriate for detailed discussion of psychoactives, such as bluelight and entheology.

          But as long as it is a light discussion of something that you heard a Close Personal Friend say about what they did in Amsterdam or Croatia, I don't have a problem with it.

          You should not talk about all the dirty, illegal things I know all you nasty boys and girls do on your own time. The family members you killed, the bank you robbed, the plutonium you just sold to the next door neighbor's kid. We don't want those things discussed on this forum.

          We are against everything illegal. We are the Justice Force.

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            The Fixer is “good cop.”

            Underfoot is “bad cop.”

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            What I would say seriously is:

            Obey the Law, but Work to Change It

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            ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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              i'm going to go ahead and imply that this one time in amsterdam i PERSONALLY tried this marijooooana green thingie and found it to be thoroughly enjoyable, mmmkay?


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              ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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              Trippy Pippi

                Kava kava tea, baby!

                Drink a box, who needs rocks?  😉

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                Kava kava tea, baby!

                It's weak 🙂

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                A friend of mine has kava paste, and this friend says it will knock you on your ass. btw completely legal in case mr buzzkill is reading  🙂

                Kava kava tea, baby!

                It's weak 🙂

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