Dharma Kshetra, Nykto…out on 4.20!

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      Dharma Kshetra is thrilled to announce their highly anticipated, debut release — Nykto. Available on 4.20!

      Dance into the next dimension to supersonic soundscapes, banging drums and flying bass lines, as new forces take control of the mindwarping tower with crunchy, groovy, funky and twisted psychedelic madness!

      A relentless aural explosion, complete with sacred geometric visuals and spiraling, full power force, Nykto will propel dancefloors into the night sky and have you marching, pounding, bouncing and stomping in a new world fueled by the deep, spiraling meditative path of dark, twisted minds!

      Compiled by DJs Arjuna and Demi of South Florida, US, and mastered by the master himself, Xenomorph, this one is created to inspire dancing chaos and tribal unity! International sonic masters Para Halu, Dominator, Atriohm, Dark Psy, Iron Madness, Bon, Claw vs. Paranoize and Candy Power will spin the dance floor (and your mind) beyond recognition!

      So hold on tight or let go completely, dancefloors all over the world are about to take flight!

      Located in Miami, FL, Dharma Kshetra was born in 1996 as a forum to gather like minded people in South Florida with an interest in psychedelic trance. As Dharma Kshetra, Francisco (Arjuna) has shared psychedelic vibes across different venues for almost a decade. Four of those years he has produced events with DJ Demi. Now, as a label, they are beginning to publish inspiring elevating music with a mystical projection and bring underground quality music true to the psychedelic trance spirit. Nykto is their first offering…not bad, eh???!!!

      For more information, aural samples and to purchase,

      :::Track Listing:::

      PARA HALU – The Hive (reloaded)
      DOMINATOR – Shankar
      ATRIOHM – Jolting
      DARK PSY – GT4
      IRON MADNESS – The Homicide Hour
      BON – Apocalypse Now
      CLAW VS PARANOIZE – Psychopath
      IRON MADNESS – Alligator Terminal
      CANDY POWER – Twisted Incantations 


      Xenomorph @ The Hive


      Wirikuta Distribution

      :::Awesome Artwork & Design:::


      For more information contact:
      [email protected]


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        Congrats on the release..

        Had no clue you were starting a label… looks like a great comp with some great artists.

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        I know that I will be buying this release, once it gets to psyshop.com ;D

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