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    What do You think Anand?

    PS. Boom seems to be is to big for You Jeff but Gaian MInd is within Your range, don't You think?

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    Gaian Mind organizers get there a full week before the event begins to begin setup, and the festival is 2-3 times as big as our outdoor festivals.

    They also had several semi-pro deco people there, especially MIZUE KATAOKA.

    The string sculptures alone must have taken many hours.

    Yes great things are possible but they require people hours – either more days of work by the same people, or more people. I doubt that Devorah and I can put any more hours into the project then we do now. So hopefully more people will step forward!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

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    So hopefully more people will step forward!ร‚ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope tooย  ;D

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    I think I have to point out the VERY IMPORTANT fact that the tickets for GAIAN MIND are $110 i believe..presales must be around 80-90..
    budgeting is a very major consideration when spending as no one wants to loose money..I wonder what would be the turn out at crystal sky
    is the tickets were that expensive..and you are always concerned about the ticket price damon..and so am I ๐Ÿ˜€ ;D ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜›

    it is always a cost/benefit analysis decision according to me..location and sound are number one in my priority and deco comes a close second..except in deco ..we can request people attending to contribute more to improve their experience..what are ur thoughts??:)

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    What about some basic supplies like white string and such for people to do interactive deco that they make?ย  Can be very cheap stuff! Maybe a make your own deco type thing during the day on Saturday. Maybe even make it a work shop where someone teaches stringart.

    I am not sure on my attendance since that is the same weekend as the Midwest decompression or I would volunteer.

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    Maybe even make it a work shop where someone teaches stringart.

    I think that's the way it should be done.

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    Here is how I would do it on the cheap:

    Hula Hoops from toys r us ($2 each i think)
    Kite String
    Liquid Tide
    Food Coloring in uv colors
    Coffee cans
    Something to poke holes in the hoops (may want to do this yourself if afraid of people with sharp objects)

    Workshop prep:
    Pour liquid tide into cans with different food color
    Lay out hoops in pile.
    String same

    Dip string in colors you want then poke holes in hoops and string around and make pretty patterns. Hang hoops up to dry.

    Voila, instant deco, fun, interactivity and you get colored hands!

    I am pretty sure tide + food color works but may want to try. Tide I know is UV reactive ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Great idea Jeffz..!! Hope that we can do this at crystal sky:)

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    the workshop idea is very good. No need to get our permission to do it, just do it and if you got details closer to the event we will publicize it heavily.

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    Looks like the date of the Midwest Decom with my favorite group of burners in da whole world is going to be on the week after Crystal SKy now!!! So, I think I will do this workshop. I also have a crapload of candy beads that glow that can play with this too. This will be fun!! As we get closer maybe can think of time, like early afternoon Saturday?

    I may do some other workshops, I know we have briefly discussed it. I will make another thread about it..

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      I think that the principle of all attendees participating in deco is sound but I do have one concern. We would run the risk of the deco space looking very thrown together in aย  hodge podge way. What makes deco work for a space is its natural flow often with repeating patterns.

      Deco should be approached very much the same way as feng shui. The installations should be set up such that the eye is able to move freely around the space creating a sense ofย  harmony and purpose. The space itself should be thought of as a canvas. An artist would not just throw paint on the canvas just any old way.

      This is not to say I am completely against the idea of multiple artists. I just want the art created to blend well together. Therefore I feel it is important that these collaborative installations be coordinated by two or three facilitators. It has also been my experience that even when I did have group deco projects, I had only a handful of dedicated helpers. So if raw supplies were made available there is still no guarantee that there will be enough interest.

      I could do some of those great things that were at Gaian Mind if I had both the time and the (wo)man power. Those installations I am quite sure took hours to put together and many hands to put up.

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      I've said a number of times that chilluminati is emerging as an adhocracy almost like an Open Source community. Let a thousand flowers bloom. By communicating about our art projects on this forum we can sync up our vision. Only by failing to communicate will a hodge podge result IMHO.

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