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    June 10th – Gem In I –  an event to celebrate all the zillion Gemini Birthdays in Iowa.  May do a 3-day with one night edm one night psy

    Sept 16th – Earthdance – most likely lots of chill during the day leading up to the Earthdance prayer for peace.

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    Thanks Jeff. June 10th is my brother's birthday.  🙂

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    june 11 is mine.  😉

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      Dates considering…  May 13th for Naked Tourist in Iowa and June 17th for another out of country DJ.  There are 2 i'm working with just seeing who would be better and avaliable.  I am also planning a 3 day event in late september with SHIFT AND SLUG.  Anyone wanna help??!?!  The first 2 will be at Emerald City and I believe i will have the venue till 6 or 8 am. 

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      Did June 17th ever come through or what? If not I would really like to do something then to get back some mage cash  ;D

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