Chicago Burning Man Community Town Hall Meeting Thursday, June 15th

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    Chicago Burning Man Community Town Hall Meeting!!!

    Thursday, June 15th at 7:00pm

    657 W. Lake St. Loft #2


    Come to 657 W. Lake for a town hall meeting where we'll be discussing the
    future of YOUR Burning Man community… what's coming up, what's going on,
    and what you want to see become.

    We'll discuss the many upcoming events in Chicago this amazing summer…
    SynchroniCity, Entheon Village Fundraiser, Burning Man Film Festival, Radio
    Free Valhalla Fundraiser, the Chicago Decompression Block Party and much
    much more. We'll tell you about what's coming up and how you can get
    involved to make these events even better and help turn this summer into one
    you'll remember at least until this Fall.

    We'll also answer any questions that you might have. Questions about Burning
    Man, about local events, what you need, what you don't need, how to get
    involved with local camps and what to expect on the playa.

    Most importantly we'll listen to your suggestions. Let's use this night as a
    way to share ideas, voice concerns, and make relationships to strengthen
    everyone's projects in the Chicago area and beyond.

    And once we're done with all the verbal non-sense Justin Reed & Brad Miner
    (illmeasures, synchronicity, BMIR, radio free valhalla) will dress the room
    in the most delicious house, tech-house and techno you'll here in this fine
    city of broad shoulders.

    We encourage EVERYONE to come out to this, meet your fellow Burning Man
    participants and help shape the future of our city as we continue to grow
    into a new level of development beyond anyone's wildest beliefs.

    If you don't want to listen or pariticipate in the meeting than just come by
    around 9:00pm & hang out, dance and enjoy this kick start to the best summer

    Any questions, suggestions or if you want to help set up or clean up email
    [email protected]

    Also PLEASE try and RSVP for this to [email protected] so we have a
    general idea of how much beer, pop and snacks to get.

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