Benefit for Lenca Radio (Bill Taylor, Kalyx) ~ Apr28 ~ Urbana

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    From: “William B. Taylor”
    Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 10:11:23 -0500 (CDT)

    Hi friends, Bill Taylor here, inviting you to a benefit concert for the
    Lenca Radio Project. [sister station to Radio Free Urbana.]    Yeah, I
    it's a really busy night – a lot of other stuff going on, but I think
    you'll enjoy this, in a family venue, with info about the project as well.
    And, if you would like to help out, let us know by return email.  Thanks:


    Come out in Solidarity with the Lenca people of Honduras!
    Enjoy a night of Capoeira demonstrations and dance to the enthusiastic
    blues band, the Painkillers.

    An all ages benefit concert 7:00pm on Friday, April 28th at the Channing
    Murray Foundation, Oregon and Matthews in Urbana.  The event starts out
    with a “roda” (pronounced hoda) by the University of Illinois Capoeira
    Club.  A short visual presentation by Bill Taylor, from the Primary
    Communications Project will follow. The Local up beat blues band, the
    Painkillers, will wrap up the evening with foot tapping hand claping

    suggested donation at the door..

    If you have questions or for more information contact: Adrienne at
    primarycommunicationsproject (AT)


    The playful “roda” of Contra-Mestre Denis' capoeira club will set the tone
    of the evening. They will demonstrate the Brazilian fight/dance form that
    was founded in 1965 by Mestre Suassuna in São Paulo, Cordão de Ouro. They
    say that Mestre Suassuna has always seen capoeira as a good way to have
    people come together and help each other.

    The Primary Communications Project takes a different angle on the natural
    tendency of people to come together to help each other. PCP works in
    solidarity with indigenous peoples' organizations, unions and other
    progressive entities in developing countries to bring about social justice
    and improved living conditions by jointly building communications media.
    This is done by rebuilding used broadcast equipment from the United States
    and prefabricating it into ready-to-use stations and production studios.
    PCP takes the stations to communities in Central America, installs them,
    trains the people in their use, and then turns them over to the people.
    “We [PCP] operate in solidarity and in response to requests from community
    organizations. PCP does not propose projects, nor do we influence
    programming or management of the completed stations.” Bill Taylor.

    The current project of PCP, the one the benefit will support, is to build
    a new radio station to serve the Lenca people of Honduras.  As the largest
    group of indigenous people in Honduras, the Lencas face the imminent
    threat of the El Tigre reservoir project which would displace roughly
    35,000 of their estimated 400,000 people. “This radio station will help
    the Lenca people have a voice and a say in matters that so drastically
    effect their life.  I believe that is a basic human right,” Bill Taylor.

    As the evening rounds out, the local group the Painkillers will stay true
    to their name playing a hefty mix of traditional Chicago and Southern
    blues covers as well as a variety of original tunes. Their philosophy is
    that everybody should be able to pull out of being down and out … and
    the one sure way to do that is to play, sing, or listen to the blues! They
    believe that, “Blues music is meant to be fun and to provide needed
    energy, and that's what the we try to do in every song!”

    “Every one is welcome for an evening of togetherness” Adrienne Bauer

    For more information contact Adrienne Bauer,
    primarycommunicationsproject (AT) or visit PCPs web site at
    *For more information on the UIUC capoeira group visit
    * For more information regarding the Painkillers please contact Steve
    at serrede (AT)

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