Aum Festival 2007 Full Moon July 25-July 30 2007

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    I was told at SF about a new U.S. concept festival named Aum Festival that would take place June 29-July 1 2007.

    Basically this would be a festival in a centrally located part of the U.S. , possibly Arkansas? and would be organized by every psy team in the U.S. that wants to participate. It would be a kind of superfestival.

    Future Events:

    We are very excited to be involved in the creation of a 5 day trance
    festival in North America. It will be a centrally located event,
    taking place on the Full Moon of July 2007.
    “The A.U.M. Festival will establish a safe gathering space that
    facilitates the exploration of consciousness and connectedness through
    inspried, underground psychedelic trance music and culture. It will
    encourage the growth of the North American psy-community; emphasize
    our ability to heal ourselves and each other; embrace an open,
    multi-generational perspective; and promote an earth conscious, leave
    no trace ethic.” (coming soon) (note from Fixer: doesn't work yet)

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      This will most likely be taking place in Colorado.. once I have more info on how we will be involved I'll let everyone know.. It probably will be a while though.

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      didnt i say a long while back that i could see things going to a week long fest

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        Aum festival sounds awesome!  ;D

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        I'm down.

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