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      volume 4 from the
      liftmuziek sessions
      music for my funeral

      liftmuziek vol 4.jpg
      available only from

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        Because Mike loves me (and not you — NEVER YOU), he gave me a tracklist!

        Liftmuziek Vol 4 – Music For My Funeral
        01 Jóhann Jóhannsson – Odi Et Amo
        02 Deaf Center – Limn
        03 Coldcut – Autumn Leaves (Irresistale Force Mix)
        04 Differnet – Settled
        05 Freescha – Bulb
        06 Bauri – Undivided
        07 m̼m РPlease Sing My Spring Reverb (Amx)
        08 Observe – Shram
        09 Funckarma – Bent
        10 Apparat – Riding
        11 Brothomstates – 24101999
        12 Proem – Cynical Landlord (Esem Ycialn Clandrol)
        13 Deru – Tapah
        14 Xela – Soul In The Machine

        GOOD ONE, ASMADEUS!  Funckarma's “Bent” is new to my ears, along with half this stuff.

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          Haha! Thanks Paul!!! Updated tracklist with correct times can be found here

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          Very nice Mr. Mike!  Giving it my second listen now.

          Actually just got home from my aunt's wake.  I so don't get the whole body on display thing.  When I die many many many years from now I sure don't want to be laid out in a box.  I think I'm going to leave instructions to have me displayed like a scarecrow with my eyes open looking at people.  Or maybe I can get my whole body plastinated and you can just set me up on every dance floor Chilluminati does.  You can hang lights and decorations on me!  ;D

          I once told my Mom that funerals are for the living.  Whatever anyone wants to do after I die is fine with me.  No funerals or somber stuff though.  I want my friends and family to have one big huge happy party!  ;D

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