April 1-2 :: VORTEX :: Rain Dance :: near Meridian, Mississippi :: Open Air

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    ~~ Presented by TOUCH Samadhi and VORTEX ~~

    VORTEX : Rain Dance ::: April 1-2 2006

    Open Air Psytrance Gathering



    Shapestatic : NC
    After Shapestatic's first release “Miracles” track on the “Free Love” compilation from sanTRANCEcisco records, We are proud to present this mind-bending duo for a live performance sure to twist your senses and crush your perception ! With a bag full of fresh material from their upcoming full cd release, Kri and Alex are going to deliver some of the most foward-thinking dance music ever produced ! ( More info to come ! )
    http://www.touchsamadhi.com , http://www.geomagnetic.tv

    DJ SETS :

    KRI : NC
    One half of Shapestatic, Kri has an intense passion for playing goa trance and has gained a loyal following in the Southeast and New York. Living in the beautifully surreal mountains of Asheville he wants to use trance as a means towards working towards a higher consciousness. The parties are dedicated to the primitive nature of the music and a return to the origin of our roots.

    Blue Spectral Monkey : NC
    Truly a connosieur of psychedelic electronic music, Blue Spectral Monkey has been collecting and spinning constantly since 1996. He recently joined the elite team of dj's and artists at Interchill Records: http://www.interchill.com His trance sets are dark and twisted, pounding and mysterious, a futuristic symbiosis of tribal intensity and technological meltdown. Expect stretchy superhero stomping through uncharted tunnels in mysterious, cavernous underground realms of sound. As a downtempo DJ, he dives deeply into new electronic dub, slow trance, chill techno, idm, beatless ambient soundscapes and drones, and chilled breaks with an ethno-spiritual-psychedelic twist, all the time keeping the sounds thick, groovy and trippy.
    http://www.mushroom-online.com/a/en/frequencies/charts/103217.html -Monkey's top 10

    Alex : TN
    Alex tuned into the otherworldly sounds of trance emanating from the far side of the appalachian mountains six years ago. Consequently inspired to propagate further iterations of futuristic trance music as “the Bastard” (and as half of “Shapestatic” with DJ Kri), he exploits the psychoacoustic capabilities of digital signal processing. Having already released his music on Inpsyde Media records, Alex is busy upgrading his studio, playing live shows, and working on new tracks for future dancefloor damage and international release.

    Babar : TN
    Chances are you will continue to hear new and never before heard tracks from myself and alex, as we are constantly writing new material and colaborating ideas for that perfect sound !

    Glowing Dragon : MS
    The ultimate goal is to play the perfect set for the time of day or night requested ; bringing a uniform pulse of sound which pushes the emotional boundaries of psychedelic trance music.

    Moksa : ATL
    Moksa’s intimate knowledge of the powerful Psychedelic Trance style, and his appreciation of a seamless mix, contributes to his grassroots effort to spread love and energy to his fans. Moksa has a phenomenal style that matured through a passion to move the spirit of his listeners.

    Tempest : MS
    Now a seasoned psytrance wizard, Tempest will give your brain a workout as he warps your reality and delights your senses !

    Iikah : AL
    A total madman behind the machine, Iikah is sure to blast the frequencies into your subconscious mind, forcing us to stomp it all out !

    24 Hours of music and fun brought to you by T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi and the VORTEX MS Psytrance Collective

    Carpooling and Camping Ecouraged, Rain or Shine !

    No Dogs, Glass, Weapons, Drugs, or Fireworks.

    “Leave No Trace”.. please don't litter ~

    $20 Weekend Membership

    Venue located near Meridian MS
    Music Starts Saturday at Noon

    Directions will be posted 2 Days Prior on http://www.touchsamadhi.com and http://www.isratrance.com


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    Woohoo! Go Southerners!

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      Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet flyer front…

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