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    this is in todays newspaper(thursday March 2nd) 

    yeah the spot light is on me, the owners, and the bi weekly dub dj/ live p.a.
    havent actually gotten a paper yet though i liked the article

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    Well done! Psygomin  8)

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    i wish there had been an oppertunity to drop a line about the chilluminati.  the interview didnt let me do so the way i wanted to i didnt.

    though i just got back from actually getting the paper and  my pic is on t the front page, the front page of the section its in (im the only thing other than text). and another big pic in the article. now i hope a mess load of people show up tonight.  im planning on doing a cd release type thing.  finally got cds burned of “This is Normal” (happens to be a month after i released it to the web ;D)

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    the chilluminati don't exist

    don't talk about what cannot possibly exist



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    ;D hahahaha  ;D

    damn flashbacks
    i keep imagining things again

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      Congrats on the article!

      As far as name dropping Chilluminati, i'd prefer it not being mentioned in an article with quotes like:

      “It's gotten a bad name because of people not being smart,” he said. Besides, it's not as if people at rock or country concerts are always on their best behavior.”

      Somethings should just be left unsaid when it comes to media.

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      the interview didnt let me do so the way i wanted to so i didnt.


      and if was was determined to do so i know that “i would have had to email [email protected] first.”  <

      important for everyone  ;D

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        Just for future knowledge even when regarding your own events.. 😉

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        Nice pic 🙂

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        oh awesome!  even your parents came out to see you 

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