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    I also posted this to my journal, so sorry for any repeats. Looks like I am iimediately cashing my bodypaint info giving for info on something that I need FOR bodypainting. Oh, and, BTW, I am always happy to paint people, so if you want to model, give us a holler!

    Here's what I am looking for: Does anybody know anything about airbrushes? I have bought one a couple of months ago, but have been having nothing but problems with it getting clogged. I may be doing something wrong. Anybody can help? Anybody willing to give me a little crash-course? I am open to trades.

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      I don't know much about airbrushing… just wanted to welcome you to the forum, Glenda¬† ;D
      …was wondering how you've been getting along. See ya sometime this summer, I hope!

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