after ravens nov 25th

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    was a really fun night.  Ben Played a killer set.  the back toom was cool but sucked all the same. (hip hop, and a $5 over)  the croud turnout was awsome.  prolly the best night in a long time.  i hope tonight will be just as good.  progressive in the front and PSY in the back.

    hope to see you all there tonight

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      I had fun at this one as well.  The drive was a lil nerve racking and slippery, but hey, I've been through worse.  Much bigger crowd than I expected to show up during that snow.  I really enjow this venue, we need one like that down here in madison.  Oh yeah and James, I really appreciated that call I got at 3 am just to see if I made it home in one piece.  I felt loved.  ;D

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