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    Boom chilluminati people!

    Triplag broadcast here http://www.triplag.com with following verbal message:

    Throughout February – March 2006 you can listen to following releases from Acidance Records http://www.acidance.com  :

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    V.A. Violent Reaction :: Acidance Records

    After the runaway success of Dirty South, Acidance is back at it again, coming at you full force…
    …with their next furious compilation – A Violent Reaction.

    Created to be a brutal commentary on the downward spiral of present day society, Acidance has pulled no punches in collecting the anger of an age via 10 blistering dance floor bombs crafted by some of today's hottest digital craftsmen. From twisted psychedelic monsters to straight up concoctions of angst and venom, each of these previously unreleased tracks was created with one sole purpose – to storm the crowd and bring awarenes to what is going on around you.

    Compiled by DJ Mist:

    1. Liberation :: PARASENSE
    2. Agitation :: DISSOCIACTIVE
    3. Cancellation :: TRISKELL
    4. Contradiction :: ABOMINATION
    5. Opposition :: TALK SICK
    6. Premonition :: NEUROMOTOR
    7. Termination :: DAMAGE
    8. Annihilation :: NRS VS BOLT
    9. Mutilation :: PHATMATIX
    10. Violation :: XENOMORPH

          :listen:  :listen:  :listen:
    V.A. Dirty South  ::  Acidance records

    This is the new furious compilation succesfully continuous best traditions of Acidance Records
    Imagine a place, imagine a land, where people kick up some dust to the psychedelic rhythms with a beer in hand.

    1. A message from the ghetto :: CLAW VS. PARANOIZE
    2. Others are awaken :: BLISARGON DEMOGORGON
    3. Inextricable distraughtness :: XENOMORPH
    4. Gromit :: MUBALI
    5. Predator :: DAMAGE
    6. Arise :: TOXIC
    7. Chemical abuse :: AZAX SYNDROM
    8. Dynomite :: ABOMINATION
    9. Dinaks productions :: IRON MADNESS VS. S.D6

          :listen:  :listen:  :listen:
    V.A. Subculture :: Acidance Records

    Like the crash of thunder, Acidance Records returns to proudly present to you Subculture…
    …a collection of nine choice tracks capturing a blend of psychedelic trance that is both powerfully twisted and soulfully groovilicious; alien sounds from the future bound:
    1. Fireworks :: DISSOCIACTIVE
    2. Do the job :: PARASENSE
    3. Einsteins last mistake :: DISSOCIACTIVE
    4. Acid burn :: CHROMATONE AND RANDOM
    5. Creative destruction :: DIGITAL OUTLAWS
    6. Acidalia planitia :: FUNGUS FUNK
    8. Marakatu :: PARASENSE
    9. Mama Russia :: SEROXAT

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    Neuromotor :: Bloody reality :: Acidance records

    Acidance Records is proud to present you with the latest full-length album from the undisputed master of the neuro-blaster, Frederick Taala, known throughout the world as Neuromotor.
    10 previously unreleased tracks available on Bloody Reality, each one a distinct journey full of his rage at “the system” and the beauty of his joy in life. Presented with a booklet including Frederick’s own words on the inspiration behind each track, the message is here for you to receive.

          :listen:  :listen:  :listen:

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    Mama Russia :: SEROXAT

    Tune!  ;D 8)

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