2 need ride

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      From NYC or Eastern Pa. 8)

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        oooops how daft ……. ::) try again….2 need ride from NYC or eastern Pa. to Sacred Earth ~ Open Air
        near Black River Falls, Wisconsin
        2006.05.26-29 Memorial Day weekend ………
        will share fule costs 😉

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          HELP!!!! last cry out for a ride or we take the bus!!!!!!!!!!! :- :'(
          Please call 374-623-5101

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          I think Amtrak might get you almost as close. Have you thought about how you going to get from Greyhound or Amtrak station to BRF?

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            Hey Mr Fixer…..
            Yes i figured i would get off the bus as we go by and then get a taxi.. ;)..THANKS!!!!!!!!!

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