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      Pi strikes Chilluminati again!  Maybe not as profound as my wristband at the Secret Fire, but who cares!  It was here in the “Key Stats” of this forum when I got on.  That's enough to me!  😀

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        And look at that!  This is Topic number 1234!  Hell yeah!  ;D

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        did you ever see the movie pi?  of course you did!  didn't the guy at the end drill a hole in his head because Pi drove him crazy???  ;D

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          The ending of that film sucked in my opinion.  Drilling a hole in one's head just because pi was driving him crazy?!  Come on!  Of course it was going to drive him crazy!  The way he was studying it was all wrong.  There's no repeatable decimal expression for pi, and there's a proof that lays out the logic for such a statement.  So, I don't know what the director was thinking, but it must have been something from the 17th century.  The movie was a disappointment to me.  :-

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          I felt disappointed with the ending as well.  I thought it was “anti-knowledge”.  Instead of knowing the mathmatical secret of the universe he drilled a whole in his head instead.  If something like that can become known then why wouldn't you!?  Knowledge is power!

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