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    I've uploaded my first recorded chillset for you guys. Most of these tracks are the sountrack to the many Goa sunsets I experienced last year.

    The mix starts in the desert as Nomads trek towards the ocean in search of the red sun. The sounds that follow describe the emotional journey through their mindscapes until they finally reach the point of bliss. The voyage ends as the final rays of light disappear behind the infinite horizon.


    01> Intro : Tripswitch – Tachyon
    02> Etnica – Triptonite (Playa Mix)
    03> Domino – Sunset in India
    04> Androcell – Raptue of the Deep
    05> Zen Mechanics – A New Philosophy
    06> Chilling Matenda – Need You
    07> Frequency Surfer – Winding Rhodes
    08> Drift – Ember (Rem-Ember Mix)
    09> Elysium – Fairytale
    10> Entheogenic – Spaced (Shulman Remix)
    11> Earthling Vs. Alien Project – Fantasy Island
    12> Abakus – A whole new way of looking at the day
    13> Tripswitch – Deer Park

    256kbps MP3 (138 mb // 75.40 mins) :


    128kbps MP3 (69.2 mb // 75.40 mins) :


    Hope you like it!


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    Very very nice work Varun!!!…. ;D ;D….boy u really got that Goa Sunset back into me…. 8) 8) 8)……wow. Heard it two hours back from isra……….was wondering when ur gonna post it here.  😉

    Keep up the work………waitin to listen to u live!!!  ::) ::) ::)

    Thanx…… 😀


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    Hmmm………BTW…….do u call urself Yidam???  Sounds like a good name for a chill artist.  ;D ;D ;D



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    Will download it tonight …

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    Thanks ! 🙂

    Yeah I was looking for an apt name and settled with Yidam

    A Yidam is a buddha or bodhisattva who is chosen as a focus for meditation. The meditation takes the form of a visualization in which the meditator seeks to identify with the qualities of the particular buddha or bodhisattva. Wisdom and compassion are examples of such qualities.

    Thoght the concept was one that syncs with the music 🙂

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      Listening now! “Tachyon” — what a great starter.

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      this mix is the first time ive got something structured together. i know i have a long way to go so please be as technically critical as you can. i need the feedback.

      thanks! 🙂

      @ paul. yeah… the dialouge in it is awesome. from a great movie too : K-Pax

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        06> Chilling Matenda – Need You

        This is new to my ears.  Beautiful, beautiful track.  My favorite in the mix so far…

        Ooooh!  That Shulman remix is hot, too.  A pending release, I see!
        That's going on the wishlist.

        But there appears to be a glitch/jump at about 59:39 (at least in the 256kbps version).  The mix lurches backward suddenly into the Shulman remix of Entheogenic.  We hear its intro again as the mix repeats itself from that point onward… 

        Other than that, a fine blend!

        That Abakus track is soooooooooooooooo soothing.

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        OH thanks so much for pointing that out Paul. The tracks got mixed up when i was trying to cut them into individual tracks. think i put the shulman in there twice.
        fixing it right now…

        the track is not unreleased though. the remix features on the Entheogenic – Dialogue Of The Speakers album

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          Oop…right you are.  Even so…new Shulman full-length.

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          Mix fixed, links updated… thanks again Paul. dunno how i missed that.

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          most enjoyable Mr. Varun!  Can't speak on it technically but emotionally I thought there was a good flow and a journey to it.  I liked all of the tracks and thought they fit well together. 

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          Varun, can You upload separated tracks so I can burn an audio CD please?  ;D

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            The tracks got mixed up when i was trying to cut them into individual tracks.

            Get Sony CD Architect.  I have never had that problem.  two click track cutting.  You can burn right from the program too.  highly reccomended.

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            thanks psilo… ill look that up.

            ive got exams this week Damon, but ill def get the cut version to u next week.

            Ive also got some new materiel from a DJ who heard my mix, so should have another one in the works soon. 🙂

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