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Okay, so I've took up the initiative to move onward with the more digital world, CDs.  We all know this already duh.  Well, since my last post regarding giving up vinyl, I've acquired, hm, let's see.. around ~60 CDs, ugh!  And well, I guess I still buy records, but only because I want everything The Infinity Project has ever put out :), before their breakup, period.  T.I.P. teehee.  Hell, I even now have a neat blacklight TIP hoody!

So, anyways, if anyone can help, I'm trying to finish up the RTTS (Return To The Source) label collection.  I need Ambient Meditations 1 and 2!  And then I'm done, or at least up to date.  Uhm, anyone have any obscure fun collectible releases?  Especially those from Greece?  They seem to have released a bunch of really hard to find stuff that's cool!  I just got Goa Raume volume 1.  Dun dun dun!

Well, I am losing a lot of money on the swap, *cries* but I'm finding it easier to MOVE a cd than to disco jockey 3 records around to listen to AN [email protected]  hAHa.  I'm a silly convert. Whatever. 

Soyeah, anyone want to sell some *real* rarities to me? 🙂


I got some GOA rarities on CD, that I bought in Thessanoniki, Greece about 10 years ago, but I'm not selling them…. ;D

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