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Sacred Earth Full Moon Festival 2015

July 31, 2015 @ 8:00 am - August 3, 2015 @ 5:00 pm

The Chilluminati Present, in our TENTH year:

ıllıllııllıllı Sacred Earth Open-Air 2015 Ä±llıllııllıllı

ıllıllııllıllı Chilluminati 10 year anniversary Ä±llıllııllıllı

ıllıllııllıllııllıllı Full-Moon Festival Ä±llıllııllıllııllıllı

Artwork by: Xenodimensional

Flyer Design: CrouchCreative


Photos from ReverbSoul

Posted by The Chilluminati on Thursday, August 6, 2015



Sacred Earth, our longest running festival, is created as a Cosmic Condensate in which our music, motion, light and love form a structure in space and time… a microcosmic celebration of the infinite. We invite all to come dance, relax, join our community workshops and explore the wonder for 4 days and 3 nights under a blue moon, the second full moon in a calendar month. Come celebrate this phenomenon of the cosmos as The Chilluminati continues in our tenth year of bringing psychedelic trance music to the Midwestern United States.

***WE PROVIDE: 2 stages of sound, visuals and light, 4 days and 3 nights of camping in natural beauty with a lake, 2 camping areas in woodlands and meadows, running water, bathrooms, hot showers, and full vending.

***YOU PROVIDE: a tent, enough food and beverages for the weekend (or some cash – food and beverages will be available for sale, including alcohol for 21+)

ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS, NO PETS, NO RENEGADE SOUND! (this includes sound systems at your campsite!)

Please respect the venue by keeping the grounds free of litter.


Become part of the community. Help the planet, and help us. Pick up after yourself. Leave the site, and our reputation as a community, better than you found it.
The Sacred Earth 2015 limited print t-shirt:

They are no longer available to pre-order, but we will have a few extras at the festival for $60 each!
These commemorative t-shirts are made with high-quality, 100% spun polyester to deliver the look and feel
of cotton with the benefits of polyester. Dye sublimation printing produces a vibrant, super-soft, permanent
print that is guaranteed to never crack, peel or flake.


Supplies are very, very limited and once they’re gone, they’re gone!
Pre-orders have dispatched!



Things for your eyes


Global Village Productions /Prism Psycrafts *UV spandex environment*
Galexy Design *Video mapped stage with live visuals*
Psynesthesia Deco *UV spandex deco*
Paka Paka Light Show

Light Fantastik – Lighting and lasers

Psy Chef – UV tie-die tapestries

Russell Burton – Psychedelic UV artist

Primordial Boobze – UV spandex, lighting

The Evermores – UV spandex
Things for your ears:


Turbosound by FAZE 2 Audio

Dixon’s Violin -Detroit, MI-

Transformational Journeys via Digital Violin. The world’s premier digital violinist, Dixon’s life mission is to inspire people! And he has done so across North America, captivating audiences at intimate shows, and wowing crowds of thousands, including Burning Man, giving two TED talks/performances, plus radio, TV, and film appearances. Recently giving up a distinguished career to follow his dream full-time, he shows the beauty of doing something seemingly impossible, and bares his soul through his instrument in a mesmerizing one-man show unlike anything you’ve experienced. Dixon was classically trained from the age of 10, grew to a symphony violinist, then digital master, and now music shaman. Dixon’s passionate energy will enchant, transform, and inspire you.
Radioactive.Cake / Zeitgeist / Munstrous /  Dark Passenger [Germany, Glitchy.Tonic.Records ] *LIVE*

Nobody cares about terribly long bios, right? Therefore only so much here…my very first musical attempts were taken around the turn of the millennium and from then on it took me ages, required lots of nerves, lots of passion and modesty to get to the level of musical quality and production, that I think I have to today.
Antagon [Germany, Damaru Rec./Alice D. Rec.] *LIVE*

Antagon is a modern Psychedelic Trance (darkish) Live-Act from Hamburg/ Germany.
His musical roots were laid in the Death Metal Scene of the early ninetees. In 1996 he became interested in the Psychedelic Trance Scene and several years later he started spinning cds and vinyl.
In 2007 he met Alpha from Hamburg/Germany, after several studio sessions both artists decided to establish another live-project. -Z- (alpha & antagon) was born and it developed pretty fast.
Dr. Strangefunk [Quebec, Zenon Rec.] *LIVE*

Dr. Strangefunk has a pharmacy filled with funk, jazz and interstellar sounds to heal the mind and soul of those who consumes his medicines.

KiloWatts (PA- KiloWatts Music)
KiloWatts music is always melodic, inventive, powerful, and persistent. He’s always looking for a new way to craft peaks and troughs, new ways to ebb and flow, tugging and pulling at heartstrings, building tension and finding that sweet, sweet release. There’s always a wry glimmer in his eye, and a deeply smiling knowingness expressed in his music. He’s intent on communicating directly with his listeners through sound, eye to eye, heart to heart. Currently living in Philadelphia, he finds inspiration every morning at 9:00am sharp. He loves a wide open empty canvas, the excitement of uncertainty propelling him to create. He enjoys gardening and tending his plants in his indoor “Grow Cove”, an LED-powered warm happy place for his ever-expanding collection of succulents. When not making music or gardening, he can be found backpacking deep in remote wildernesses like The Canyonlands, Loyalsock, and Monongahela.
Kabayun (PA- Sangoma Rec)
Kabayun is the project of David Mostoller. Kabayun”s music intends to create an environment that stimulates the listener to release themselves from the trials of everyday life and confront their challenges through the trance dance experience. Channeling the spirit of the west, Kabayun pulls together many elements to create an intensely psychedelic experience that lifts the body and the mind to undiscovered plateaus.
Random (CA-Geomagnetic Rec)
In 1996 I heard Psychedelic Trance and chose the path of being a psy-trance musician and DJ. I make and play music inspired by the environments where I have lived, and crafted for the parties that I have played at around the world. Growing up in Northern California placed me amongst incredibly diverse music scenes. My music is formed from all of my music tastes and is created for fun dance floor moments. I’ve played at events big and small throughout North America, Mexico, Japan, and Europe with many psy artist from around the world. Performing live and Dj sets at events such as Boom Festival 08′, Burning Man, the Ultra Music Festival, SF Love Fest, and countless more indoor and outdoor parties and festivals.
ManipulatioN (MA- Kinematic Rec)
I believe the energy that makes all of us is a combination of the influences we have from what we listen too, the images we see, the things we eat and what we let ourselves believe.
My music trip started before I can remember my own thoughts, now most of my day is filled with understanding sound. Music has been my main focus and dedication for the past 14 years but yet I find I’m growing to love it more every day I Listen/Mix or Produce a new track. My Goal today is to provide as much good music possible, invite our world to travel through unforgettable places and expose new sound-waves to everyone willing to let go, enjoy and be the unimaginable. This musical journey started in the Azores Islands where I got a lot of ideas for what I do now but moving around and learning about our globe has been my fuel and inspiration for making it one more step.
Xom Pax (MX- Kupuri Music)
From Mexico city , Pablo Peniche a.k.a Xom Pax defined a very unique style of deep progressive trance music; with fresh tech rhythms mixed with unpredictables psychedelic atmospheres. He has played in Mexico and around England, has signed with labels like Geomagnetic records , Goa records and Kupuri music one of the most import labels in the psychedelic scene in Mexico.
Khromata (CA- Pulse SF/Digital Om Productions and Rune Recordings)
Khromata exudes a genuine, passionate energy from behind the decks that is reciprocated by the dance floor. With a blend of refined technical skills, unique creativity, and a learned understanding of how to take dancers on a meaningful journey during her sets, she has been embraced globally through her performances and online mixes and radio appearances. Different scenes with different audiences seek her out because of her versatility, while always staying true to her signature sound. She’ll play anything from drum and bass to psydub, but is mostly known for her psybreaks and psychedelic trance sets.

Justincaseboy [Texas, Parvati Rec.] *LIVE*

Justincaseboy is the production project of Scott Budzinski from Texas, USA, who has previously gained exposure with his DJ work under the name Mist.
A classically trained musician who has been playing instruments from a very young age, Scott has been involved with the psy scene since 1997. With the Justincaseboy project, he continues to explore his own unique take on psychedelic soundscapes.
WichDokta [California, Full Circle/Phoenix Family] www.mixcloud.com/wichdokta7

Be Careful How You Use Itby Wich Doktaon Mixcloud


The Wichdokta formed the FULL CIRCLE COLLECTIVE in Mendocino County, California. In ’97 he began throwing the infamous gathering called “GEMINI” that was held on the majestic Eel River. In ‘2000 he met Dr. Spook and Random to create the loving PHOENIX FAMILY COLLECTIVE. He also runs the sound company FULL CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS. As a promoter and gathering thrower, he knows what gets the people going. The Wichdokta’s sets are something of a spectical to witness, his amazing energy and psychedelic music go hand in hand to give you the ride of your life on the dancefloor.
Johnny Foreplay [Minnesota, Reality Technicians/TCDubstep] soundcloud.com/johnnyforeplay

I’m a mid-20s guy who’s been producing Electronic Music for just over a decade now. Used to be into extreme styles like Hardcore, Gabber, and Breakcore, but more recently I’ve been into Bass music. Distorted, detuned, and twisty is how I get down. There’s a lot of styles out there and limiting myself has never been appealing.
Julian Rivera [Minnesota, Drop Bass Network/Kompound Krew] **LIVE HARDWARE ACID PA**

This veteran in the techno scene in Minneapolis plays live acid PAs with drum machines and synthesizers; no laptops. not a dj set; this is a real analog / digital hybrid set. Raw analog squelches and bleeps to relentlessly driven acid music and hard pounding grooves.
Skroller [Minnesota, Global Psybreaks] soundcloud.com/djskroller

Global Psybreaks DJ and music promoter, Skroller is pioneering exciting new ways to expand your mind and move your body. His constant promotion of the psybreaks has earned him much acclaim in the global EDM and psytrance community.
mixtress krikett (FL- Psy-Fi)

Primordial Ooze (WI- Chilluminati/Sangoma Rec)

Blue Spectral Monkey (OR- T.O.U.C.H Samadhi)

Hypnotoad (PA- PsYcHeGrOuND NYC)

Sanguine Mandragoa (NC- Digitally Imported)

InertG (TX- Kinematic Rec)

Paradigm (CO – United Beats / Pulse)

Jahson (CO – 40CREW)

Airyck vs Carolyn (CO)

Rheannon vs bTsunami (CO)

Siens (CO)

Avery Runner/AumLab (CO- Free Spirit Rec)

Alexander (CO- Maharetta Records/Faze2Audio)

ThrowRocker (CO)

Jay Eric (CO-SoundMute Rec)

Solomoon (CO- Ultimae Rec)

Johnny Foreplay (MN/CO- Black Spot Audio, Ruffbeatz)

Kataphasis (CO)

[AUG] (CO)

Nick Synergy (CO)

Scatter (CO- Chilluminati)

HardkorNate (CO)

Ascension (CO- Chilluminati)

ProPsyLes (WI- Chilluminati/Glitchy Tonic Rec)

Machi (WI- Chilluminati)

Psychohazzard (IL- Chilluminati)

Aktif vs Spycht (IA- Chilluminati)

Transiant (MN- Cosmic E.G.G.)

Pandanandi (IN- Eldritch Crew)

Strooya (IA- Chilluminati)

Amritaji (WI)

Futurepsikydelika -Dfectv & Dakota Veer- (WI, Audiognomes, Communique)

Qubit (NE- Sacred Frequency)

GadgetG (MN)

Kurt vs Cale (MN SubSonic Sound/Hard Dance Mpls)


Things to do:


We’re in the process of putting together our community workshops for Sacred Earth. If you have ideas or want to get involved, drop us a line at [email protected] and check back here later!




Phoenix Traders – Rockford, IL


Shop the largest variety of Fair Trade imported clothing and accessories in the Rock River Valley, straight from the markets of India and Nepal, South America and Central America. We also carry clothing and accessories from Gypsy Rose, Ixchel, Liquid Blue, Zion Roots, Classic Imports and many, many other companies. Rope foot wear from Nomadic State of Mind and hand made water buffalo sandals from India. Try on recycled silk and wool hats, scarves, gloves and mittens and sweaters from South America and Nepal.

MonkeyBunny, Inc.


Monkey Bunny Inc. brings rave, club, and festival fashions and accessories to events near you. Visit our online shop, Enter coupon code BUNKY and SAVE 10% when you shop Monkey Bunny Inc.


July 31, 2015 @ 8:00 am
August 3, 2015 @ 5:00 pm


The Chilluminati


Camp NCN
N8390 US-12
Black River Falls, WI 54615 United States
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