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Geologic :: An Aestival Festival

July 15, 2005 @ 8:00 am - July 17, 2005 @ 5:00 pm

The Chilluminati present


An Aestival Festival

July 15-17 2005

@ Shawnee Cave Amphitheatre, southern Illinois

An open air camping festival brought to life with consciousness, harmony and mind-expanding music & visuals…a celebration of summer spirit

Over forty Goa, Psychedelic trance and IDM acts and DJs, playing at Shawnee Saltpetre Cave, “Nature’s Own Amphitheatre” Illinois’ largest bluff shelter with strange rock formations, a roaring waterfall & nature trails.

Three Days and two nights of psychedelic sound, visuals, art, fire dancing

LINEUP, Artists

PSY Stage


Neuromotor/ESXS – Mechanik Sound Records [Barcelona, Spain] Note: Neuromotor is playing Friday night July 15th

Initialization String – [Dallas, TX]

Bastard & Lost Baba – TOUCH Samadhi [Asheville, NC]

Jetlux – Divine Balance Records [Los Angeles, CA]

Artificial Life Preserver [Dallas, TX]


Bob Traphek – Sonic Beating, Changmian, Zia-Trance [Boston, MA]

Binary – Sonic Beating, Changmian [Boston, MA]

Blue Spectral Monkey – TOUCH Samadhi [Asheville, NC]

Derby – TOUCH Samadhi [Chicago, IL]

Jeto – Divine Balance [Los Angeles, CA]

Konflux – Divine Balance [Los Angeles, CA]

Kaiser Soze – PTLF [Milwaukee, WI]

Kri – TOUCH Samadhi [Asheville, NC]

Pituko – Nepol Records/Amandas Dreamscape [St. Louis, MO]

Shai – Divine Balance [Chicago, IL]

S.O.T. – TOUCH Samadhi [Chicago, IL]

Underfoot – Audiognomes [Madison, WI]

IDM / Downtempo Stage


Atomly – Atomiq [Chicago]

Curtis Chip – Zod, Schematic [Milwaukee, WI] –

Dewey Decimal – Zod, 37h3r [Milwaukee, WI]

Dynamic Interplay [Bloomington, IN]

Emotional Joystick – Zod [Minneapolis, MN]

Gift Culture [Dallas, TX]

John Alan [Milwaukee, WI]

Kero – Det.Und, BPitch, Shitkatapult, Ghostly, Low Res [Detroit, MI]

KiloWatts [Philadelphia, PA]

Miles Tilmann – Consumer’s Research, Toytronic, sub:marine [Chicago]

Samonik – The Shell Studios [Milwaukee, WI, New York, NY]

Signal Drift – Wobblyhead [Milwaukee, WI]

Someone Else – Tuning Spork, FoundSound, Musik Krause [Philadelphia, PA]

Turing Test – Wobblyhead [Milwaukee, WI]

Unit – Caipirinha, Co.Ad.Audio [New York, NY]


Alex – TOUCH Samadhi [TN]

Andrew Rasse aka Butane – Alphahouse, FoundSound [St. Louis, MO]

Dan Mnookin – Proton Radio [Chicago]

Destro – Zod [Milwaukee, WI]

Dennis Rodgers – 112 Crew, Robots [New York, NY]

Rick S – Interlobate Milwaukee, WI]

Screendoor – Niche [Milwaukee, WI]

Sean O’Neal – Tuning Spork, FoundSound, Musik Krause [Philadelphia, PA]

James Patrick – Vital Vinyl [Minneapolis, MN]

T-Nek and Redshift – Megablastffresh [Milwaukee, WI]

Viberaider – Zod – [Milwaukee]

psyoptic mindstimuli decor by The Devotee TOUCH Samadhi

interactive projected visuals by Psymbolic

Visuals also by Kero – Det.Und, BPitch, Shitkatapult, Ghostly, Low Res [Detroit, MI]

Fire performance by SPUNN

Magazines by Brilliantly Mad Magazine

Sound by Paramnesia.org, Nuclear Subs

Thanks to Psymbolic.com for help with registrations and promotion

Time & Location

When:Noon Friday, July 15th – 10 a.m. Sunday, July 17th, RAIN or SHINE

Where: Shawnee Saltpetre Cave, “Nature’s Own Amphitheatre”

Illinois’ largest bluff shelter with strange rock formations, a roaring waterfall & nature trails, located 6 miles south of Murphysboro, on Illinois Route 127.

Shawnee Saltpetre Cave Natural Amphitheater

3747 Highway 127

Murphysboro, IL 62966





Ticket Prices

18+ (unless accompanied by parent)

Children under 12 (accompanied by parent) FREE

Camping, parking included in admission fee

Until June 1st (limited availability) $30

June 1 (or when $30 tickets run out) – July 14 $45

@ Gate: $55

Camping, lodging

You don’t have to camp to attend the event. Here is a list of motels in nearby Carbondale.

Wristbands must be worn at all times. Broken wristbands must be returned to event organizers who will issue a replacement. People without wristbands must pay the $55 gate fee for a new wristband. People found on the property without a wristband, who are unwilling to pay the gate fee, will be escorted off the property through the main gate, no exceptions.

Campers, prepare for rugged camping. Tents only – no RVs, trailers or campers allowed.

LEAVE NO TRACE. All participants are required to clean their own campsite and place all trash and garbage in provided dumpster. Participants who do not keep their campsite clean or caught littering may be asked to leave.

Water, ice and food can be purchased from Shawnee Cave Amphitheatre.

Ground fires are permitted only at six designated fire circles within the campground. Firewood is available for purchase.

Glass bottles are completely forbidden within the park. Bringing glass bottles into the park can be grounds for removal of participants. We reserve the right to search the vehicles of attendees for the presence of glass containers.

Nothing illegal is allowed in the park.

No ins and outs from the park after midnight.

The organizers of this event, and the owner of Shawnee Cave, can remove attendees for any reason.

No independent sound stages allowed.

No pets allowed.

Portapotties are provided.

Wander around the property, especially at night, at your own risk. There are many dangerous trails. Be careful.

STAFF We are hiring. Staff are required to work 2 non-consecutive eight-hour shifts. You must be able to be at the venue by noon on Friday. You will still need to pre-register or pay at the gate, but when we confirm you have completed your staff volunteer work, we will refund your admission, and pay you $40 on top of that. You also get an event T-shirt. Contact us at crew (AT) chilluminati (DOT) org for more details

PARTICIPATE This event is wide open for all visual art, performance, acoustic unamplified, dance, fire, art installations, healing arts, yoga, meditation, and/or whatever other freaky idea you might have. Write us if you have a question.


Vending is encouraged at this event. The fee for vending is $50, on top of your admission fee. Please contact us at crew (AT) chilluminati (DOT) org with your vending proposal. Vending proposals must be submitted to us by July 1, 2005 to be considered.


July 15, 2005 @ 8:00 am
July 17, 2005 @ 5:00 pm


The Chilluminati


Private Location
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